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Level Up Esports Registration & Rules

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How Do I Register My Child For Level Up Esports

To get your child to get involved with Level Up Esports and join one of our teams, it is required to contact Level Up Esports and schedule a tryout/assessment to determine the skill level and team that your child should be on to best fit their individual skill level and type of Esports game he/she wishes to play on one of our teams.

Can I choose the team my child play on?

We will try to accommodate your child’s request to play on a certain team or to play with his/her friends. Ultimately the teams are decided by the Coaches and the Commissioners based on roles that we need a player to fill and team communication and cohesiveness.

1 on 1 Coaching
Can I book 1 on 1 sessions?

Yes, we offer one on one coaching. Please let the coaches or the manager know if you would like to book a session and we will coordinate a time that works for you.

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What Other options or events does LKN esports offer to members?

We offer camps throughout the year and in the summertime. We offer Birthday Parties and Parents Night Out on Fridays and Saturdays. Please stay tuned to stay up to date on these events or contact us about scheduling a birthday party.


What more can you tell me about possible scholarships for my esports athlete?

There are quite a few colleges and Universities that offer partial or full scholarships to play Esports. Once our player gets to the High School Level, they will enter the Spin Program through our partner Stay Plugged In. This allows them to play in Showcase Events in front of college recruiters and coaches. Check out the list of colleges and Universities offering an Esports program.


How Can Parents watch matches or tournaments from home?

We stream most matches on twitch.


Where can i view updated team & individual results from events?

Yes, we post all results by Wednesday for Saturday’s Tournaments. These results are posted in the scheduling and communication app – we also send out a link for full season match results.


Do you plan on opening other locations?

Yes, our plan is to open additional locations in the North and South Carolina market. We plan to have our program at the younger level operate like the way a Little League does. At the older levels, our Esports Athletes have access to professional coaches and top of the line gaming equipment to get them used to playing at the next level.

Games We Play

Our Competitive gamers compete in:

Our Non-Competitive gamers enjoy:

Room For Parents To View Live Games

Redefine Gaming For A New Generation

Friendly Environment

At Level Up Esports, we want our coaches and our players to lift our Esports athletes up and teach them how to have winning attitudes. Not only do we teach our players about how to protect themselves from cyber bullying, but we also provide a safe and fun space where they can be themselves. We do not tolerate bullying or teasing in any way

Make New Friends

Level Up Esports is about fun and meeting new friends. The players always arrive at our arena to have a great time! For every title of game we play, we divide up into teams. On these teams, different players have different responsibilities and must communicate with each other to reach a goal or an objective.

Pathway To Pro

The potential for scholastic Esports is booming! More that 252 Colleges and Universities are offering full or partial scholarships for Esports athletes. We work with our gamers starting at 8 years old and they progress until they have made the Pro Circuit or have made it into a college or University.

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