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About Our Backstory

Parents are often frustrated by the video games that their kids play.  We feel like if they used their time in a different way, they would set themselves up for more success.  Sometimes, as parents, we also wonder why our kids are on their electronics versus playing traditional sports like basketball, baseball, or soccer.  We started Level Up Esports because we saw a large group of kids that sat in their rooms all day playing games, talking to other gamers through their headsets but didn’t really know who they were talking to or didn’t understand that there is abuse online.  Some of the players we saw had social issues, were bullied, or had disabilities and didn’t really feel like they could fit in somewhere.  When we opened Level Up Esports, we welcomed those kids in.  We applied the life skills that you receive in traditional sports like sportsmanship, teamwork, winning and losing, respect and leadership to Esports and gaming. Our crazy schedules at home make it difficult sometimes to teach life lessons that kids need to thrive and sometimes our kids won’t listen to us as parents. They do however listen to their peers and the coaches that they look up to.

How Level Up Esports Started

Jim and Matt started Level Up Esports in Spring of 2021.  We started packing and unpacking our computers and equipment at Huntersville Recreation Center in Huntersville, NC.  After weeks of 40-minute setup time and 40-minute tear down time, we thought there had to be a better way.  We opened our Esports arena in August of 2021. Our arena is set up with custom gaming computers at 16 stations, a streaming booth, gamer lounge and reclining chairs for our parents.  We have learned a lot since hauling gear to the rec center but are not satisfied until we can provide the absolute best gaming experience to our players. 

We really started Level Up Esports because our kids, 5 in total, love gaming.  We have some with disabilities that have really thrived in the Level Up Esports environment.  Coaching is our passion; we love kids, and we love seeing the wins.  Not just winning a game but a new friendship, a child that wouldn’t talk to anyone for 3 weeks but now opens up and laughs and has fun, or the team that couldn’t do anything right at the beginning of the season but came together and now run like a well-oiled machine.  There are many other wins that we love to see, and it makes the journey worth every minute.

What We Teach

We don’t just teach gaming.  We teach values that gives them the building blocks to succeed in life.

Teamwork, Respect, Character, Sportsmanship – these are just a few values that we weave into our lesson plans and will give your gamer a head start in life.

Our coaches have played Esports at a competitive level for years and are qualified to help your player reach the next level of gaming that they are after or will have fun getting better at the game.

The coaches have a curriculum that they teach.  Practices usually start with a warm up, learning a new skill or group of skills, aiming practice, scrimmages, etc.  We dive deep into team tactics, we learn how to communicate through our in-game chat and how to work together to accomplish a win.

Players With Disabilities

We encourage all players to play with Level Up Esports.  We have several Esports athletes currently in our arena with Autism, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, etc. Our players and coaches are welcoming and accommodating for any players with disabilities. Our arena is wheelchair accessible.

The Gamer Pledge

I will play fair
And strive to win
I will have fun
I will be a good teammate
I will be a servant leader
I will be my best on the last day of the season

Our Values

C: Commitment – I commit 100% until I succeed
A: Achievement – Results are gained by effort
R: Respect – Treating others the way we want to be treated
E: Excellence – We strive for continuous improvement
S: Sportsmanship – Bring your best to all competition

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